Permanently removing (just moving) the ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder

Permanently removing (just moving) the ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder

We Mac users like things to be neat and tidy. Unfortunately though some of us still need to use Microsoft Office and surprisingly Microsoft don’t seem to have the same interest in simplicity. Therefore they do not seem to have a problem with the irritating ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder which is created in your documents folder. As you may have noticed simply deleting this folder does not actually have much of an effect as it just appears again later. However, there is a solution: move it to Users/(yourusername)/Library/Preferences.

To do this I suggest opening two finder windows – one with the source folder (your documents folder) and another with the target folder (Users/(yourusername)/Library/Preferences). This has become more difficult under Apple’s new Lion operating system as the library folder is hidden as standard. However, you can still quickly open the user’s library folder by holding down the option (⌥) key while clicking on ‘go’ in the menu bar.

You will then be able to select the ‘Preferences’ folder and drag ‘n’ drop the irritating ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder across. This should do the trick and ensure you no longer have to put up with it in your Documents.

Thank you to Danny Chang for his article on moving the Microsoft User Data folder and to OSX daily for their article on showing the users library folder in OSX Lion.


  1. Awesome, that works thanks.

    Microsoft is so annoying, I would like to use my “Documents” folder to store important things, not Microsofts useless user data which has no use to me at all.

  2. THANK YOU! Much Appreciated…

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